Bertha’s Story

This is Bertha who was picked up as a stray by the local dog warden.

Poor Bertha had clearly been used for breeding and was abandoned by her old owners, probably because she could no longer produce any puppies and was therefore considered no longer worth keeping.

Bertha is one of the worst cases of neglect that we have seen in a long time. She is only about 5 years old but looks double her age, her nails were so long that they were growing into her pads, and she was covered in mammary tumors. Her feet were pink and raw from being left outside for long periods of time, and she had clearly been chewing them from boredom. She came in weighing nearly 40 kilos which, for a short-legged Staffie like her, is far too high – she should weigh 15-20 kg. As a result Bertha can’t walk and has clearly not been walked regularly in the past.

But despite her mistreatment, all she does when she meets you is roll over to have her belly rubbed and will give you lots of Staffie kisses!

Will, our amazing resident Vet at the Arc Veterinary Centre, has done an amazing operation on her, which has saved her life as we were scared that she might have cancer. She has pulled through miraculously and although it is still early days she is doing really well with her foster carer, Roy. She will hopefully be ready to go to a new home in the next couple of weeks.

Below you can see the stages of Bertha’s journey.  If you would like more information about her or would like to meet her for a Bertha cuddle, please get in touch with our Head Office by emailing or by phoning 020 8341 3196.

bertha collage

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