Our Celebs And Friends

Peter Egan

Peter-and-Megan“My wife Myra and I have taken in rescue dogs for about twenty years now. It started when we lived in Chiswick, West London. A lovely blonde old Labrador collapsed in front of Myra outside the Ballet Rambert. The dog had been abandoned and was clearly starving. She brought her home. We called her Custard. She became a wonderful companion for Crackers our black Labbie. We moved to North London soon after, right by the Heath. It is an ideal place for dogs. Walking every day you meet many people with their dogs. We soon became aware of many dog charities and their desperate need for support. Over the years our lovely Labbies passed on. It’s always a heartbreaking time. We decided that we would always rescue dogs. We now have five. It’s chaotic but wonderful!”

Alan Carr


Rachel Riley and Marc Abraham

With Peter Egan at the Bark Off 2015

Alan Davies


Noel Fitzpatrick aka The Supervet


Lorraine Chase

Liza Goddard


Jenny Twigge

JennyTwigge“All Dogs Matter is a charity very close to my heart, having personally experienced the team’s compassion and dedication to finding ‘forever’ homes for the dogs they rescue. I am delighted and privileged to be a Patron. All Dogs DO Matter.”

Shirley Ann Field

Shirley-Anne-Field“I have had two dogs in my life and they were the best friends I ever had. If I had a steady life I would always have one now.

Dogs do matter, they are faithful and true. A dog is the one thing that loves you more than he or she loves themselves.”

Richard & Maria Corrigan

Richard_and_Maria-Corrigan“When All Dogs Matter needed to find a home for a King Charles Cavalier called Jasper we went to visit him, and straight away we knew he was the perfect dog for us. We got him a week before Christmas 2009 and he was a tiny puppy. Now it’s been a year and he’s much bigger, fun and loving.

We are delighted that All Dogs Matter have opened an office in Highgate and will continue to support such a worthy cause.”

Michelle Collins

With her ex- ADM dog Humphrey (Paw Pixels Photography)




Ricky Gervais

pup idol

Photo Courtesy of dogstarphoto.co.uk

Stefanie Marsh


With her ex-All Dogs Matter dog Rupert

Jonathan Ross

Bill Oddie

All Dogs Matter, Great Hampstead Bark Off 2014, London

Scott Maslen


Anthony McPartlin

ant chiswick and lucy

Babs Powell