Albert is a 19 month old Terrier Cross who has come to us after his owner had a change of circumstances.

Albert is a nervous dog, who is looking for an experienced owner who is able to work with and help him with his issues. Albert is house trained and knows some basic commands. He can be left on his own for a few hours and will settle down happily.

He can live with children of 16 plus in his new home. We would prefer a  rural home for Albert as he finds being in London stressful.

Albert will need direct access to a garden in his new home.

** Please note, Albert can’t live with cats or dogs and isn’t suitable for first time dog owners **

Albert - Terrier Cross

Albert - Terrier Cross

Albert - Terrier Cross Albert - Terrier Cross Albert - Terrier Cross

20 thoughts on “Albert

  1. Jonathan East

    Hi ,

    What a lovely Albert ! We leave in the country ( Hampshire ) I’m a clininc manager for rehabilitation sports horses . My Partner and I looking to give so much love to a new member in our homes .
    We are looking for a friend to leave with us in the country during the week and in our apartment in London ( Marylebone near Hyde Park ) at weekends .
    We love is cheeky face !

    Jonathan & Erick

  2. Natasha Lever

    I live in London with my family and our dog Turnip who is also a terrier cross and who we got from All Dogs Matter too. I was wondering if he definitely couldn’t live with any other dogs.

  3. Rebekah Fullerton

    Hi .. I have had a dog that looks like Alberts double that passed away. I do however have a cat that is used to living with Alberts double! Is there no way Albert could live with a cat?

  4. Oriana

    Hi, Albert is gorgeous!! We are a married couple who would like add a new member to the family like Albert and loving him unconditionally.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Oriana, thanks for your comment. If you’re interested in Albert, the best thing to do is to fill in our rehoming form here. Please note that Albert can’t live in London, so only apply if you live somewhere rural. Thanks very much.

  5. mike stephens

    hi. my name is mike stephens. i have been looking for a companion dog for some time now and feel sure ive found the right one called albert on your website. i live on the south east fringe of coventry very close to the warwickshire countryside. i live in a quiet culdesac in my house with a secure back garden. no other pets live with me. iwould be grateful if you would consider me as a friend for life for young albert. many thanks.

  6. The Osbornes

    Hi, we are novice dog owners, and are expressing interest in Albert. Would he be able to live with school age children, 13 and 10?
    We live in a rural estate in Suffolk, and have a direct access to our garden. However, we would not be here on Thursday, but we have a dog walker who would help. Thanks,
    The Osborne Family

    1. admin Post author

      Hi there, I’m afraid that Albert needs an experienced adult only home, so wouldn’t suit your family. I’m really sorry about that.

  7. Mrs Sue Goddard

    I think Albert is a lovely dog, we lost our rescure dog Pippa last yesr she came to us 1yr old and was nearly 16 when she passed away.
    We live in Ashford, Kent have a very large secure garden, we have retired, although I work 2 days a week,
    we do look after our young granddaughter 2 days a week who is used to dogs.
    Would love to be considered for Albert.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Sue, thanks for your comment. I’m afraid that Albert can’t be around young children, which is why his profile says he’s looking for a home with children of 16 and above. I’m really sorry about that, but if there are any other dogs on our site that you like, please get in touch.

  8. Zoe

    Hi there,
    I hope you received the rehoming form completed online today. Albert looks gorgeous and my husband and I would love to meet him.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Emma, thanks for your comment. Albert is still available. If you’d like to apply for him, would you mind completing one of our rehoming forms?

  9. Jean

    Hi we would like to see Albert we have allways had dogs. We are retired and looklng for pet to share our day plus walks. Jean danny


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