Interested in adopting Monkey?

Complete our Rehoming Questionnaire online, or call us on 020 8341 3196

Meet Monkey! He’s a Staffie Cross who has come to us after he was abandoned. We think that he is approximately 6 months old.

Monkey is very much a puppy and loves to play! He’s looking for a new owner who has had dogs before and can give him some training. He has already learnt to sit and wait, now his foster carers are working on lie down and stay!

Monkey been happy to meet new people and seems to have a permanently waggy tail!  He is learning to walk nicely on his lead and has been good with dogs when meeting them out and about! He has also been travelling well in the car and has gone on the Tube and the bus!

Monkey is out on foster and has been enjoying a bit of sofa time! They have nicknamed him Pico as he’s a very funny little Staffie! Monkey is 90% house trained.

If you think that you could welcome a Monkey into your home, please get in touch for more information.