Rufus has been adopted!

Meet Rufus! He’s a 2 year old Terrier cross who was rescued from a Korean dog meat farm and brought over to the UK.

Rufus was born in a South Korean meat farm and was there for 2 years.

Rufus is a nervous dog and is particularly nervous of some men. Rufus is looking for an experienced owner who has the time and patience to work with him. We have no doubt that Rufus will make a wonderful companion once he’s settled in a new home. He is currently in a foster home, where he is becoming more confident everyday. Rufus can live with children of 14 and above.

Please note: Rufus needs to live with a female dog. This is because he has always lived with other dog and needs the reassurance of canine company.

Rufus is looking for a semi-rural home with direct access to a garden. No flats please.