Interested in adopting Susie?

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Meet Susie! She’s an 8 year old Akita who has come to us after she was abandoned. Poor Susie was left in a house that was due to be demolished, but was saved by a member of the public.

Susie has clearly been very neglected by her previous owner. She has long claws and large sore patches on her back, which have come from having itchy places that she’s licked or scratched. Our vet think that she will be fine with some medical treatment and some TLC.

Susie is a sweet dog, who is currently in kennels. She’s enjoying her walks at kennels and seems to like meeting new people. We would love to find her a foster home while she waits for her forever home. Susie will need a new owner who has had dogs before and has some experience with Akitas or similar breeds.

Susie has been good with dogs when out, but we don’t know if she has ever lived with one.