Timmy has been adopted!

Meet Timmy! He’s a 12 year old Yorkshire Terrier who was sadly abandoned at a vets. Timmy was clearly neglected in his previous home and needed a claw trim, a groom and a good bath.

Timmy is a sweet dog, who is blind and mostly deaf. Despite this, he is a friendly and affectionate dog who wants to be loved. Timmy is in a foster home, where he has been doing well. He loves his food and looks forward to meal times! Timmy sleeps through the night and has been having lots of cuddles. He can live with children of 12 and above.

Timmy is good with dogs when out, so could live with another dog providing they are calm.

Timmy will need direct access to garden in his new home, as he likes to go and potter outside.

Photos courtesy of Antonio and Tom the Bully