Your legacy can save many dogs lives – just a small gift in your Will could make a huge difference to the life of just one or more of our dogs.

ADM is a small charity. We do not have the resources to run nationwide campaigns to raise funds, but we are looking to raise awareness of our charity to increase the level of donations we receive, especially donations through legacies, which will enable us to save, kennel and neuter more dogs.

If you are looking to make a will or already have a will please consider giving a gift to All Dogs Matter as part of your legacy.

Making a legacy

We are able to recommend a solicitor who will be able to provide you with independent advice on how to set up a will in order to leave clear instructions about any gifts you may wish to make to All Dogs Matter.

Remember that any amount, however small, can make a big difference to our dogs.

These are the different types of legacy that you can include:

– Pecuniary legacy
A gift of a sum of money.

– Residuary legacy
The residue of your estate is everything left over after all debts, testamentary expenses and other types of legacies have been paid.

– Specific legacy
A specific item such as a piece of jewellery, an antique, shares or a property.

You will need to include our name and address and charity registration number:

All Dogs Matter
30 Aylmer Parade
N2 0PH

Registered charity number: 1132883

Thank you for your support for All Dogs Matter. It really does make a huge difference to us.

If you have any queries about leaving a legacy to All Dogs Matter, please don’t hesitate to contact us.