Thank You! From Nemo x

Nemo has now had his operation and is recovering well.

He is receiving masses of love and care in his new home.  The day after the op, his new mum came to take him home and he was already very perky and bouncing around to see her! His wound is now healing nicely and he is nearly off his medication finally! What a brave boy!

”All going well this end, he’s such an amazing boy! He continues to bless us with his wonderful determination and zest for life!!”

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You may all recognise Nemo from our social media and website, he has been out on foster for a few weeks and is now reserved for his forever home!  Sadly when Nemo came to us, he had an existing injury to his front left paw.  We think this is probably the reason why he was abandoned.

After visits to the vet and an x-ray, we dIMG_20160809_160419iscovered that his elbow had a serious fracture but because it had been left untreated, the bones had fused back together all wrong. The injury had clearly happened a long time ago and his poor paw has not even grown properly- you can see that it is smaller and skinnier, with barely any muscle.

He does manage and sometimes when he is playing and skipping around, he seems to forget any pain that may be there! But afterwards, he becomes so stiff and sore, he can barely put the foot down and he wobbles all over the place.

After much deliberation and talks with the vet, we have decided that the best option for him is to have the leg removed.  This is a costly operation with a fair amount of after-care but we want the best for Nemo and will be going ahead with the operation soon.

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