Halloween Dog Walk 2013 – Sunday 27th October

Our Halloween Walk was a great success and we raised just over £1000 on the day!

Thank you to everyone who contributed/attended, the support was greatly appreciated and we hope you all had as much fun as we did.  We thought you all looked AMAZING, the costumes were so imaginative… we’re excited for next year already!

Here are just some of the brilliant photographs from the day, some of these are courtesy of Ian Dogstar Photography. To see the whole album, follow the link below.


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18 thoughts on “Halloween Dog Walk 2013 – Sunday 27th October

    1. admin Post author


      Thank you for your inquiry.
      Yes you can join and it’s up to you if you want to make a £5 donation to all Dogs Matter.
      And if we have a spare dog that you can walk, we would be glad for you to walk one of our dogs!

  1. Happy

    I have a puppy and am planning on going to the halloween party, but I don’t know if you donate the money on the arrival or beforehand. In addition, do you have yo be in fancy dress because I don’t have a costume for my puppy…
    Thank you

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  3. Lauren Karl

    I also will be joining but sadly do not have a dog so if you have a spare one that needs a walking I would be more than happy to do so 🙂 And I will be happy to donate the 5 pounds.

    Lauren Karl

  4. Stevie duffield

    Would it be possible to set up a little sweet stall for my daughter at your event and she will make a donation to your charity?

    Please let us know, kind regards


    1. admin Post author

      Hi Stevie,

      We are not sure if the Spaniards Inn will allow to set up a stall in the premises on the event. However, we are planning another event on 08 December, and if you email or ring us for more information, we may be able to set up something for you. And of course, you are still welcome to join the Halloween Walk, if you still want to come!

  5. Audrey Wiedemeier

    My dog is in the US:( but I would also love to come and walk on of your dogs:) and would be happy to make a donation.
    See you tomorrow!

  6. Happy

    Hi, I looked at the weather report for tomorrow and it says that it is going to rain extremely hard. Will this affect the event tomorrow?
    Thank you

  7. Karen

    We are going to miss the start and don’t have a dog! Can we meet you en route? Will probably be there about 11.15. Thanks

  8. Joan Higham

    Hi there
    We were at the dog walk – our dog was Doris was the ‘wild turkey’ that went for a swim very early on and ruined her costume!! However we were part of the group that got lost and had to go our own way. However I wondered if there was somewhere we could see the all the photos that were being taken as running after the wild turkey we didn’t manage to get any!!

    1. admin Post author


      So sorry that you got lost and that Doris ruined her Turkey outfit.
      There were several reports of an assortment of Devils, Vampires and Zombie dog sightings seen across the Heath on Sunday, but no reports of wet Turkeys.
      Anyway there are photos on our Face Book page, plus we will be loading some more on our site today.
      Failing that if you mail us your direct mail we can send them directly over to you?

      Regards ,

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