Staffie Month

Its that time again, July is Staffie Month!


During this time, we like to do a bit more to help promote our lovely Staffies that are available for rehoming! So this means you can adopt one of our lovely Staffie or Staffie Crosses…for just £100!

(Subject to home check and suitability)

Staffies receive a lot of bad press in the media and it is undeserved.
The character of a dog – be it a Staffie or any breed – is first and foremost formed by the deeds of its (previous) owners, not by having come in to this world as a certain pedigree / crossbreed.
Staffies are wonderful pets and rank highly among the top dogs with children by the Kennel Club. Why not consider meeting one of our lovely Staffies yourself?!

Our adoption fee includes neutering, vaccinations, microchipping, and a worm and flea treatment.

If you feel that you can provide one of our Staffies with a forever home or even a foster home, please consider adopting one from us and get in touch!