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Abi and Dylan’s Twelve Gifts of Christmas

Abi and Dylan have been working hard at ADM HQ to choose the best human and doggie Christmas presents of 2018. They’ve tested every product, tried every treat and quality checked santa’s helpers. So, grab some mulled wine, biscuits for the dog, and read Abi and Dylan’s 12 gifts of Christmas.

Pawstage and packaging not included – links in names. 

1. Hownd

Winter can get very muddy, and sometimes dogs love getting their paws dirty – which is great until they come back home! Give a gift to both owner and dog by keeping them clean and smelling beautiful all season long.

Abi and Dylan description – “ADM kennel dogs get first wash using Hownd products. We can’t get enough of the stuff! Get rid of those pesky smells in no time”

2. Dogrobes

This handy and versatile dog robe is built with all doggie demands in mind. Perfect for the outdoor type – or if you’re Abi, just casual office wear. To top it off, you can personalise your robe with your pup’s name!

Abi adds – “Dream of those beach days, while sporting an all year ensemble – how houndsome!”

3. Pet Hates Toys

Just pick your toy and see what damage can be done by your pooch. They’re extremely durable, so are the perfect present for hours of entertainment.

4. Beautiful Joe’s

If you’re ever come to ADM offices, you will know how much Abi loves these treats! In fact, we’ve never met a dog that doesn’t like Beautiful Joe’s amazing liver packs. Try these tasty treats as a crimbo gift for your fur-friends!

Dylan details – “Beautiful Joes offer their ‘you buy one, we give one’ scheme, which really help train and develop our kennel dogs, like Abi and Dylan once were!”

5. All Dogs Matter – Give a Virtual Gift

Speaking of kennel dogs, they’re always in need of a little bit of loving over the harsher winter months. We offer an e-gift card which helps to pay for the care of our dogs in need, from a warm kennel and a meal to vital vetinarary treatment. This could be the perfect gift for the animal lover in your life, or for that hard to buy secret santa. Visit our online shop to buy a virtual gift.

Dylan and Abi describe kennels – “all staff and volunteers at kennels are really pawsome, and they made our stays as enjoyable as possible! All their efforts would not be possible without the immense generosity of humans like you, and your friends!”

6. Calendars

Abi and Dylan need to keep track of their doggy play dates, and what better way then to have a desk or wall calendar filled with all their friends and families. We have two formats this year (desk or A4), of which profits go directly towards our work to rehome and rescue dogs. You can also buy the beautiful Haute Dog calendar featuring 12 rescue dogs in couture hats with all proceeds to ADM! All calendars can be bought through out online shop here.

Look out for Dylan’s cameo appearance in August!

7. Home and Hound

Home & Hound do the most amazing home furnishings for your friend’s favourite breed. Accessorise your dog obsessed friend’s life with an ensemble of beautiful homewares. There’s nothing Abi and Dylan love more than baking homemade treats. What a perfect secret Santa gift for the baker of the office!

Dynamic Duo Dylan and Abi love to snuggle down on the cushions from Home and Hound!

8. Ellery Bow Snood

It’s never been cooler to co-ordinate with your dog! Some breeds, especially lurchers, can get very cold in winter. Why not get them the perfect gift this year of a beautifully crafted snood! Head to Ellery Bow’s site and make your favourite owner and pet duo looking fabulous this winter.

9. Parka Coat

Wrap up warm this winter and know that you’ve done good this year with a fur-free coat. Parka London are putting parkas back on the map. Have your friends looking stylish, or dress to impress, and make those dreary dog walks less cold and wet. Parka London products adds a little colour to those grey walks.

10. Book Selection

(Links on each book title) Abi’s been getting into her books lately, she loves nothing more than cuddling up at ADM HQ and diving into her newest book (with a handful of Beautiful Joe’s, of course!). Her recommendations for Winter include Jane Fallon – Tell Me A Secret, Johnathan Wittenberg – Things My Dog Has Taught Me, and Jane Elson – Will You Catch Me?

11. Ted Baker Stocking Fillers

Ted never ceases to amaze us, with the beautiful ensemble of creative designs and elegant accessories. Even dog people like to pamper and look perfect sometimes! Treat yourself, or your loved ones, to a little gracefulness this Christmas.

Abi – “Hey, why leave all the style to the humans?! Don’t forget that Ted Baker now offer a range of leads and collars, put your best foot forward.”

12. Christmas Jumper

Last but certainly not least, our Christmas style jumper makes the best present of the season. Your near and dear will feel festive, look great, and know that money from their present has gone to a good cause! We couldn’t be happier, and neither could Abi!

Woof Woof – Abi and Dylan