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ADM Adoption Fees:

Our standard adoption fee is between £150 and £220.

Not because we think that some dogs’ lives are more valuable than others, but because we know that some dogs will be more costly to maintain than others. For example, a dog may come in with a skin condition or ear infection, and in the worst cases broken bones etc. It also depends on the age and breed of dog. The fee covers vaccination, microchip and neutering.

ADM Policies:

Each dog we rescue is important to us and from the moment a dog comes into our care we are committed to its welfare and happiness.

All of our dogs are veterinary checked, vaccinated, neutered/spayed (depending on age as they may need to come back when old enough), microchipped, de-fleaed and wormed prior to rehoming.

We NEVER put down a healthy dog

– by ‘healthy’ we mean a dog in good mental & physical health – as we think that if a dog can be rehomed without danger to the public and live a happy, pain-free life, then everything possible should be done to avoid euthanasia.

Most of our dogs are placed in foster homes

so they can be thoroughly assessed before rehoming. By living with a family, the dog gets used to the everyday routine it will face when rehomed. Our foster carers are experienced dog lovers. They often have dogs of their own and they are dedicated to helping our dogs get back to normal life.

We give our dogs a health check

to make sure that there is no obvious condition which would prevent their rehoming. If a serious health condition is found, we will always let the new owners know before adoption.

We believe in neutering

as there are far too many unwanted dogs in the country and giving them a home is more urgent than breeding new puppies, so we neuter all our dogs before rehoming them. That is a non-negotiable condition of adoption with All Dogs Matter.

We microchip all of our dogs

Microchipping is a very quick procedure which saves many dog’s lives every year as a microchipped dog is far more likely to be reunited with its owners if it gets lost or stolen.

Facts to consider before adopting a dog

Adopting an animal is a serious, life changing step that you should consider carefully. Caring for an animal demands time, money and commitment – have you got all of that?

It is a decision that could transform your life for the next twenty years. There is the initial adoption fee, of course, but you must also take into account all the following costs: food and grooming, veterinary bills, sitter/kennel fees and insurance.

If you work full time, do not get a dog unless you can either afford a dog-walker or make time for the dog in your schedule. Dogs are intelligent pack animals, they need to interact with you.

Do not forget that you are your dog’s companion just as much as (s)he is yours. The dog will need walking everyday come rain or shine, and taking out at regular intervals. You will have to make trips to the vet’s and of course work on socialisation and interaction with other dogs and people. Training should be enjoyed by the whole family, and everybody should be committed to taking responsibility for the dog.