All Dogs Matter

Pippin finds love

In July 2019 Pippin a beautiful male Bearded Collie arrived at All Dogs Matter as a stray. He was one of the worst cases of neglect we had ever seen and was in need of urgent medical attention.

Pippin was in a terrible state, covered in matted hair, with broken teeth and caked in dirt. His matted hair was so severe that he had to be sedated to remove it – almost 3kgs of hair that must have caused him immense pain. We believe his teeth were broken from trying to get out a cage that he was trapped in.

Despite his ordeal, Pippin has so much love to give and is an incredibly affectionate boy with humans and other dogs. With the care of our brilliant team, Pippin has been cleaned, groomed and has been treated at the Arc Veterinary Centre.

Pippin is now in a wonderful forever home living the life he deserves. Thanks for all your interest and shares.