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All Dogs Matter

Changing trends

When All Dogs Matter began its work in 2009 there was an epidemic of overbred and abandoned Staffies, with shelters and dog pounds up and down the country overflowing with this loveable breed.  The crisis was fueled by the street fashion for ‘hard’ looking dogs, despite Staffies being naturally big hearted and loyal family pets. Now 10 years on and despite them still making up 70% of the dogs that still come into rescues, this once maligned breed has become a firm favourite amongst the dog adopting public.

However, trends have changed and today – alongside Staffies – we are seeing more ‘designer’ breeds entering our shelter. Cockapoos, French Bulldogs and Chihuahuas and crosses of these breeds – which can fetch between £500 – £2000 – are now some of the most common breeds we see, with many tragically starting their lives on puppy farms. Most of these dogs have had multiple homes before they reach us and are resold on line when their owners cannot or are no longer willing to pay their vets bills, with these poor dogs ultimately ending up in shelters and charities like All Dogs Matter are left to pick up the pieces.