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Paddy and Trixie

Paddy and Trixie are a pair of lovable Jack Russell Terriers (please scroll below to see Trixie) whose heartbroken owner can no longer keep them due to a change in circumstances.

Paddy, 5 years, is white and tan, while Trixie is a black and white 7 -year- old. Paddy is a little shy but quickly warms up to you and rolls over for a tummy rub. Trixie who is much smaller can’t wait to meet you and sit on your lap. Paddy and Trixie are housetrained and can be left for up to 4 hours providing they have a bone or a treat to chew on. They walk nicely on a harness and their recall off lead is good.

Paddy tends to ignore people when he is out and about but Trixie is happy to say hello before walking on. They both greet other dogs nicely either on lead or off, however have only lived with each other in the past so would prefer to be the only dogs in a home.

As Paddy and Trixie have lived together almost all their lives ideally we would like to keep them together but if the right owners come along we would consider separating them. Neither have much experience travelling by car, so can be a little anxious at first.

Paddy and Trixie are looking for a family or an active older couple who will take them for good walks . They can live with children over 12 but no cats please.


Female, Male
Jack Russell Terrier
5 years, 7 years
Can live in a flat, Can live with children over 12, Can't live with cats, Prefers to be the only dog in the home

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