Appeal for Sammy


Thanks for all of your support and donations for Sammy. We are extremely sad to say that Sammy had an operation to remove the major tumour on his neck. Sadly, it was cancerous and had spread to other places in his body. We are all heartbroken and wish to say special thanks to Sammy’s foster carer, who gave him a safe place to live and lots of TLC in the short time that she had him.

Please meet lovely Sammy, who has just come into our care. He was found by a member of the public, abandoned and tied to a pole. When we met Sammy, we were all really shocked to see the condition he was in. He has clearly been unwell for quite some time and has been horribly neglected.

Sammy has gone into a foster home, where he is getting lots of TLC. He is partly bald, due to an untreated skin condition. He’s had several baths and some medication for that, which is already helping. Sammy has rotten teeth, infected ears an eye problem that has left him partially blind. He also has weak back legs and a very large lump on his neck. It’s heartbreaking to think that poor Sammy has had these problems for so long. He must have been in pain for quite some time.

Despite all of his problems, Sammy is a sweet dog. He has been wagging his tail at the vets and was happy to be examined. He is house trained, so has clearly been a pet in the past. Sammy has been enjoying himself in his foster home, where he is starting to learn how to have fun again.

We are seeing an increase in dogs that are coming in neglected and ill. Our dogs are our family members and we know that they need us most when they’re ill. Abandoning them because they are sick is terribly sad. Here at All Dogs Matter, we are committed to look after dogs like Sammy and will always get them the care and treatment that they need. If you would like to help, you can donate here.