Korean Dog Updates

In January 2018, we took in 12 dogs that were from a South Korean meat farm. The dogs were a variety of ages and sizes, but they were all nervous and unsure. We have now rehomed 8 of the dogs and they are doing really well.

Mocha was a scared little dog when he first came into kennels. He had his travel crate in his kennel and he tended to stay in there because it made him feel safe:

Here he is in his new home, snuggling up (and squashing!) with his brand new sister:

Here is Adam on his first day in the UK:

Here he is now in his new home, complete with toys. It’s wonderful to see these dogs get a chance to be pets.

Here is Leila with Pip Thompson on her first day in the UK. Leila was scared at first, but soon became a firm favourite with the kennel staff. Upon entering her kennel, she insisted on having her belly rubbed!

Here she is in her new home, where she gets all the belly rubs she wants:

Thanks to HSI for bringing these dogs over from South Korea and giving them a chance. It’s been a pleasure for us to watch them go out to new homes and to thrive in them.