The 555 Wednesday Giveaway

Virgin Money Giving has joined forces with PayPal to run an exciting promotion for all our fundraisers this spring – The 555 Wednesday Giveaway!

Between 5pm and 6pm every Wednesday, for 5 weeks starting on 21 May 2014, Virgin Money Giving will match (excluding Gift Aid) online donations of £100 or less made to any Virgin Money Giving fundraising page via PayPal until they hit £5,000.

So that’s a whopping £25,000 donation pot available to give away!

If on any Wednesday the £5,000 pot is not hit by 6pm, the remaining amount will roll over to the following Wednesday to give away in addition to the £5,000 allocation for that Wednesday.

So tell your friends and family to make a donation to All Dogs Matter, up to £100 between 5-6pm on Wednesday and as long as it’s in the first £5,000 it will be matched. DONATE

Happy fundraising!