All Dogs Matter

Meet Delilah and Maggie, Chinese dogs

Please meet our newest arrivals, Delilah and Maggie, who came from China where they were saved from a slaughter house. They will be starting their new lives in the UK, where we will find their forever and well-deserved home.


Maggie was saved in December 2018 from a meat truck. She is a sweet-natured and calm little Chihuahua Cross, who loves to snuggle on laps and get belly rubs! For more information (and how to apply) follow this link – https://alldogsmatter.co.uk/dogs/maggie-6/


Delilah was saved from the same meat truck as Maggie in December 2018. Delilah is slightly more out-going and adventurous than Maggie, as well as being very people orientated. For more information (and how to apply) follow this link – https://alldogsmatter.co.uk/dogs/delilah-2/

This first picture is Delilah in China, after being rescued. She was very fragile, and in need of some TLC. The second picture is Delilah happy and settled into ADM’s care.