All Dogs Matter

Stanley the Frenchie melts hearts of adoptive family

Stanley the French Bulldog came to All Dogs Matter after being found abandoned. A check up at the vet showed that Stanley had several health issues, including a cherry eye, a grade four heart murmur and cryptorchid, which sadly we think was the reason he was dumped by either his breeder or owner.

Following treatment and a short stay with our foster carers, Stanley melted the hearts of the Maclennan family who are now his proud owners. Here Suzie Maclennan shares her story.

We actually emailed All Dogs Matter about another dog we’d seen on the website as we had been waiting a while for the ‘right dog for us’. Unfortunately, the dog we had seen had been adopted by the foster family looking after him so we had a quick look on the website again and saw Stanley’s face staring back. Reading his write up about his health difficulties just melted our hearts and after talking to the team at All Dogs Matter our minds were made up. We met him that Saturday in his foster home and from the first minute we saw him the whole family was sold. His energetic character, friendly manner and cheeky behaviour was just what we were looking for. 

He’s mischievous, inquisitive and sociable. He loves nothing more than a game of tug with his favourite pink pig toy or a walk in the park where he turns heads and gets lots of attention. Although his favourite pastime is a sleep on someone’s lap while snoring loudly! 

We genuinely believe that the benefits of rescuing a dog to the adoptive family and dog are huge. We love telling Stanley’s story and get a massive amount of satisfaction knowing we’ve helped a dog that was going through a hard time. Rescue dogs deserve their forever home and as Stanley has shown, they can overcome great things and add so much to a family. We would urge anyone thinking about getting a dog to contact a charity or visit a rehoming centre as we are certain there will be a dog just like Stanley waiting there for them.