All Dogs Matter

Egyptian street dog finds forever home with London actress

In October 2018 All Dogs Matter took in five beautiful dogs rescued from the streets of Egypt by Paws Crossed Dogs shelter. Sadly, street dogs in Egypt live incredibly tough lives and often experience abuse and cruelty.

One of these pups was Vicky, a three-legged cross breed who was rescued after being almost severed in half by the car that ran her over and left her for dead. It is through the kindness and dedication of her rescuers at the shelter, our kennel team and her new owner that Vicky is now living the life she deserves.

Here her owner, actress Amanda Drew (The Last Post, Trust, Broadchurch), shares her story.

I have always loved animals, from as early an age as I can remember. I had three stray dogs, a stray cat and a pigeon when I was growing up. I knew that to buy a puppy would mean supporting a life of misery for all the dogs who are used for breeding, so when I was able to have another dog in my life I was fortunate in finding Whittingham Kennels in Waltham Cross, an excellent charity that re home ex racing dogs who make excellent pets in their retirement and my first was an incredible soul called Ron. After he passed I adopted another Greyhound from Whittingham, sweet Peter, a truly beautiful soul who like Ron brought me such joy. His passing in May was a heavy blow. It was a great leap for me not to get another Greyhound at this stage, but for some reason, I cannot quite remember what- let’s call it fate – I came across All Dogs Matter and before long I realised that Vicky from Egypt was waiting for me to come and get her and I could no longer delay!

I’m so impressed by Vicky’s spirit, her zest for life and adorable personality. It’s extraordinary what she has experienced and overcome in the first ten months of her life so far. Vicky has been aptly named for her victory over all she has endured. She now has a home with me and a garden she loves to run in and chase after the pigeons and squirrels as if she had 8 legs not three. In her first week with me she has journeyed on the tube into the West End every night to snuggle on the sofa in my dressing room or play with the rest of the cast at the theatre while I perform.

Vicky fills me with admiration and love every time I look at her. She is the embodiment of triumph over adversity. She wiggles with happiness every time she greets you, she adores cuddles and sniffing out new adventures. She leaps over the sofa like a gazelle and has the grace, strength and stamina of a gymnast. It’s as if she is celebrating everything life can now give her, having so very nearly lost it all.  And that is the gift she gives me, a constant reminder to hold on to that celebration of life. I know we are going to have an incredible time together and all thanks to the kindness of all those who helped her.

If you’d like to help support dogs like Vicky that are still looking for their forever homes, you can donate here. Your donations will go directly towards the ongoing care and vet treament of dogs in our kennels. Thanks so much.