Archie has been happily rehomed!

Meet Archie! A very cute 4 month old Terrier Cross! We think he has some Scottie dog in his heritage, as he has a very Scottie like face and ears.

Archie is a very active little Terrier, who loves to play! Despite being a little dog, he needs a lot of exercise and is always on the go. He quite a mischievous puppy, who loves to chew and chase his toys. He is good with other dogs and loves running around and playing with them.

We would prefer to rehome Archie to someone who has experience with Terriers. Archie hasn’t had much training, so his new owner will have to be prepared to work with him.

We would prefer to rehome Archie to someone with a house with access to a garden.  He has a loud, high pitched bark that would make living in a flat with close neighbours difficult.

Archie will need to come back to us for neutering in 5 months, so his new owner will need to be within the M25. Archie can’t live with cats. He can live with children over 12.

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Archie1     Archiearchie terror