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Sue Perkins meets Gracie and Ginger

When Sue met Ginger and Gracie! ❤️ So many lovely people and dogs have dropped by to see us at our pop shop and today is no different! Our wonderful friend @realsueperkins came by and met Ginger and Gracie, a pair of gorgeous ex racer Greyhounds that we rehomed a few years ago and are now living…


We Are in Crisis

We are in crisis 💔 Please watch our video.

All the dogs featured in this video came to us over a 48 hour period.


Buddy’s Story

Gorgeous Staffie Buddy was adopted just over 2 years ago, and has come on leaps and bounds.


Brian’s Story

We received a call from the dog warden about a gorgeous Frenchie who was in desperate need of a home. We named him Brian, and as soon as he came into our care we realised that he urgently needed to be seen by a vet.


Do you have an XL Bully?

It can sometimes be difficult to ascertain as to whether your dog is an XL Bully. This is because dogs are ‘typed’ by their measurements and look, not by DNA, or the breed the dog was sold or rescued as. XL Bullies are also not a recognised breed of the UK Kennel Club. If you are worried that your dog may be an XL Bully, they must be registered by the end of the 31st January.


All Dogs Matter in 2023: Transforming lives

Please take a moment to watch our new short film featuring our staff, volunteers, adopters and dogs, and see how we as a charity are transforming lives. Film by Nathan Webber


2023 Roundup

Despite these tough times, and with your kind support, we have taken in and rescued and rehomed 429 unwanted and abandoned dogs so far this year. We have also provided around the clock advice to members of the public needing to rehome their dogs.


Ricky Gervais donates £1.9 Million to Worldwide Animal Charities

The news is out! We wanted to say a huge thank you to our patron, the one and only @rickygervais, who has made an incredibly generous donation to go towards the care of our dogs. We are one of 11 charities that Ricky has chosen to support this winter, and we, and our dogs, could not be more grateful.


Sydney’s Story

Thanks to the generosity of our regular supporters, Sydney received treatment at our vet and he was fostered before finding the perfect home in the country with his forever family who adore him. He now enjoys long walks in the countryside, belly rubs and lots of well deserved fuss.


Junior’s Story

Some of you may remember gorgeous Junior who came to us after being retired from racing. Junior was with us for 140 days before he found a new home, but look at him now! Junior has settled in brilliantly in his new home.