All Dogs Matter | Our policies
All Dogs Matter
  • Each dog we rescue is important to us and we are committed to its welfare and happiness.
  • All of our dogs are veterinary checked, vaccinated, neutered/spayed, microchipped, de-fleaed and wormed.
  • We never put down a healthy dog – by ‘healthy’ we mean a dog in good mental and physical health – as we think that if a dog can be rehomed without danger to the public and live a happy, pain-free life, then everything possible should be done to avoid euthanasia.
  • Most of our dogs are placed in foster homes so they can be assessed before rehoming. By living with a family, the dog gets used to the everyday routine it will face when rehomed. Our foster carers are experienced dog lovers. They often have dogs of their own and they are dedicated to helping our dogs get back to happy, healthy life.
  • We believe in neutering as there are far too many unwanted dogs in the country and giving them a home is more urgent than breeding new puppies, so we neuter all our dogs. That is a non-negotiable condition of adoption with All Dogs Matter.
  • We microchip all of our dogs. Microchipping is a very quick procedure which saves many dog’s lives every year as a microchipped dog is far more likely to be reunited with its owners if it gets lost or stolen.