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All Dogs Matter

All Dogs Matter is a dog rescue and rehoming charity working in and around London to transform the lives of unwanted and abandoned dogs. We also rehome dogs in need from overseas.

In 2023 All Dogs Matter rescued and rehomed 331 dogs with new owners.

Our mission:

To transform the lives of dogs and their owners.

Our values:

Care: We are passionate about dog welfare and this drives everything we do.

Commitment: We won’t stop until all dogs have happy and safe forever homes. We never put a healthy dog down. Our team and volunteers are committed to ensuring dogs have happy and healthy lives. We don’t discriminate against a dog’s breed or age – all dogs matter.

Collaboration: We are stronger together and collaborate with individuals and organisations to ensure the best outcomes for dogs and their owners.

Determination: We are a practical charity that will deliver action even in the toughest of circumstances. We don’t shy away from difficult situations and always act in the best interest of the dogs we rescue and rehome.

How we work

We work in partnership with individuals and organisations to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome dogs in need.

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ADM dogs

The dogs that come into our care are either strays from local authority pounds or simply dogs whose owners no longer can or want to keep them.

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ADM policies

Each dog we rescue is important to us and we are committed to its welfare and happiness.

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International work

We work on an international level helping to rehome abandoned and unwanted dogs from overseas.

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From rescuing and rehoming dogs and reuniting them with their owners to delivering educational visits in the community, All Dogs Matter is making a difference.

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Celebrity ambassadors

Meet our fantastic ambassadors that support our work and enable us to take care of more dogs.

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