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All Dogs Matter

UPDATE: As of 04/01/2024 – Sadly like many other charities across the UK, we are completely full with dogs at our kennels and in foster homes. Due to the rehoming crisis in this country, we are currently very limited as to the dogs we can take in. 


It can be an incredibly tough decision to give up your dog for rehoming. Here is advice on how to do this responsibly and ensure that they have the best chance of finding a new home.


Contact your local rescue centre

By taking your dog to a rescue centre you can be sure that they will be cared for before they find a new home. At All Dogs Matter we do not judge anyone for make the responsible decision to give up their pet and we will do everything we can to try and help.

However desperate your situation is, please do not abandon your pet, even outside a shelter. This can be incredibly stressful for your dog and that even if they are found and brought to us, we won’t know their history, which makes it a lot harder to find them the right home.


Rehoming your dog through All Dogs Matter

  • If you would like your dog to be considered for rehoming by All Dogs Matter, as a first step please call our team on 0208 341 3196. Following this, please complete this online form and send this to (attaching pictures of your dog) so we have their key details, including microchip number, vaccinations and information on any behavioural issues.

  • Due to kennel/foster space we may not be able to take your dog immediately. We do however treat each case individually.

  • If your dog is taken in by us it will be carefully assessed by a member of our team so we can understand its needs and determine the right home for them to be matched with. After they have been assessed they will be put up for rehoming via our website and will start the search for their loving forever home.

  • If you are giving your dog up to All Dogs Matter for rehoming, we ask you to consider a donation of £20 to help cover costs that our charity incurs.