Rehoming Questionnaire

Are you interested in one of our dogs in particular? If so, please indicate his/her name

Any specific breed(s)?

If not, what type of dog are you interested in?
Small (e.g. Westie or smaller)Medium (e.g. Staffie)Large (e.g. German Shepherd)Extra large (e.g. Mastiff)Any size
PuppyAdult (from 1)Senior (7+)Any age

When are you looking to re-home your new dog?

Have you registered with or applied to other rescues?

If so, have you met (an)other dog(s) you would be interested in rehoming or are you due to meet one soon?

Have you been homechecked recently? If so please give us the details of the rescue/person who carried out your homecheck:

Have you already adopted a pet from a rescue?






Mobile number:

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How many adults live at the address?:

Dates of birth of the adults in the household:

Any children? Of what ages?:

Is everybody in the household keen to get a dog?:

Does anybody suffer from allergies such as asthma?:

Do the adults in the household work? If so what are their professions and working hours?:

Do you own your own home or is it rented?:

If rented, do you have or can you get a written agreement stating that pets are allowed?: (We will need to see it)

Please describe your home – is it a house, flat (garden flat, downstairs flat), bungalow, other?:

Do you have a garden?:

Is it private or shared?:

Is it securely fenced in?:

Are you planning any of the following in the months to come: a baby, moving home, a holiday or a change in working hours? If so, it’ll probably affect your new dog, are you prepared to deal with that?:


Have you got pets now? If yes, please tell us the species, breed, age and gender of EACH of them and whether they are neutered/spayed.

Have you previously had a dog / dogs? If so please state what breed(s) & tell us what happened to them

Have you previously had any other pets?

Would any of the following be a problem: barking, signs of aggression, toilet training, shedding of hair?

Where will your dog sleep?

How long would the dog be left on his/her own? (We recommend no longer than four hours)

How much regular exercise will you be able to give the dog?

Would you be prepared to take your dog to training classes if necessary?

Will you take insurance for your new dog?

How did you hear about All Dogs Matter?

Finally, can you tell us why you want to adopt a dog?

Our adoption fee is between £120 and £200 – depending on age, breed and the veterinary treatment needed.

Our dogs are microchipped, vaccinated and neutered and undergo a basic health check at our vet’s.

We will need to homecheck you before you adopt a dog from us.
Do you agree with those conditions?

Do you have any questions or comments?: