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All Dogs Matter

In February the loveable Jackson entered our doors after being picked up as a stray. This golden oldie, an approximately 10-year-old Staffie, stole everyone’s hearts and after a short stay in kennels was fostered by our volunteer Nicky and husband Joe. They couldn’t bear to part with him and became ‘failed fosters’ after deciding to make things permanent and adopting this gorgeous boy. Jackson is now loving life and his new toy elephant that he takes everywhere!

In March poor Betsy was found abandoned in a park in a terrible state. She had two ‘cherry’ eyes and was severely underweight, desperate for a warm place to call home. Our team placed her in a foster home where she could recover while she underwent eye surgery and gained weight. Thankfully her treatment was a success, and she was later adopted by a family who adore her.

In April we took in the gorgeous Tommy, a handsome Crossbreed who was picked up as a stray. He didn’t have to wait to long in kennels before he met his forever humans who can’t remember life without him. He enjoyed celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee in style and the recent snow spell.

In April we took in Willow, a beautiful King Charles Cavalier who was rescued with five other dogs from a puppy farm. Willow had been used multiple times for breeding and was suffering from serious neglect, with an eye infection and matted fur. Despite her sad ordeal, she had the waggiest tail and adored humans. It wasn’t long before Willow met her forever family who fell in love in love with her and the rest is history!

In May we met Missy, a 3-year-old blind Terrier cross who came to us in a really poor condition. She had recently had pups and was suffering from a painful skin condition with missing patches of fur across her body. We placed her in an emergency foster home where she received treatment for her skin issue and lots of love. In July Missy unexpectedly gave birth to four puppies! Thankfully her wonderful foster carer, Carol cared for Missy and her pups through to them finding wonderful new adoptive homes, and Carol gave Missy the forever home she was searching for.

In September, we welcomed Valerie who broke our hearts. She was found emaciated and wandering the streets having recently given birth to pups. She desperately wanted a home to call her own after enduring a tragic start in life. Valerie was fostered for a few weeks before she landed on her paws with her new Staffie-loving adoptive family.

In September we  met Cookie, a sweet Bulldog who was abandoned in a very poor condition. She was extremely overweight to the point she could barely walk and struggled to breathe after just a few steps. She had been used multiple times for breeding and had rarely, if ever, gone for a walk and enjoyed being out and about. She won over everyone at our kennels  and office with her sunny nature and waggly tail. After a short stay with our team she was adopted and her new owner couldn’t be happier with this ray of sunshine.

In October we met Henry who was rescued from our shelter partner in Egypt, where a huge number of dogs are abandoned at a very young age and they have little chance of being adopted. Henry, a gorgeous 1 year old Retriever, arrived in the UK and was fostered for a few days before his foster carer decided to make it official and adopt him. He now enjoys long walks on Hampstead Heath and trips to the local pub.

In November, we welcomed Mel, a wonderful Greyhound who had been retired from racing. Over the years we have helped nearly a hundred ex-racer Greyhounds find their forever homes. These gentle animals make perfect family pets, being affectionate. placid couch potatoes! Sadly Mel hasn’t found her sofa yet, so if you think you can offer Mel a forever home please click here.

In November sweet Olive, a 2-year-old Dachshund was surrendered to us after her owners couldn’t cope. She has a neurological condition that makes her unstable on her feet and requires full time care. After a vet visit and an MRA scan we placed her in a long-term foster home where she is now receiving lots of TLC before she find her forever home. Paws crossed for this beautiful girl.

In December we met lovely Charlotte, a 2-year-old French Bulldog who had been used for breeding and then dumped in a poor state. She had a skin condition causing her pain and discomfort and required urgent veterinary treatment. Charlotte has fully recovered and is now being fostered and hoping she finds her forever home soon. If you think this could be you please click here.

Our newest arrival, Rex, came to us earlier this month. Poor Rex, a lovely 3-year-old American Bulldog, had his ears cropped in his previous home – a cruel practice that is illegal in the UK. Rex is looking for a lovely forever home where he can be spoilt and get the second chance he deserves. If you are interested in adopting Rex please click here.