All Dogs Matter | Basil and Rosemary’s Story
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Basil and Rosemary’s Story

Rosemary and Basil, a pair of 18-month-old Poodle crosses came into us after being used for breeding on a puppy farm. This sweet pair are possibly related, and sadly both have serious illness which means breeders may have not been able to sell them.

Rosemary has a heart murmur and Basil has a cleft palate which both require complex surgery that All Dogs Matter will fund. Many of these illnesses are hereditary which means the rest of the litter, who are most likely being sold online, may have similar life-threatening illnesses. Therefore, we encourage anyone looking for a puppy to do this through a rescue centre where all dogs will have health checks, be microchipped and neutered to ensure they can’t be exploited for breeding.