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Carlos’ Story

Update on Carlos – Good news everyone. Carlos is now healthy and well and is enjoying his forever home! 


12.05 Update: Carlos is still at the vets and is managing to eat a little more now and keep the food down. If this continues, we’re hoping he’ll be going back to his loving foster home over the weekend.

We are appealing for Carlos, a lovely 8-month-old Dachshund who came into our care in May. Sadly, Carlos became very poorly over the bank holiday weekend and was rushed to Medivet where he was put on a drip and was fighting for his life. It seemed that poor Carlos has a very low white blood cell count that was considered extremely dangerous for his health and wellbeing. 

Carlos had recently been bought online by his owners, with no previous vet information or medical care. As a charity, we are seeing an increase in the dogs coming into us needing more veterinary care.

Carlos was under 24-hour care at the local vet, where he began blood plasma transfusion and was taken for an abdominal scan, to hopefully save his life. Thankfully Carlos recovered and will be able to live a happy and fulfilled life.


Carlo’s veterinary bills came to around £5,000. As the treatment has now started, this is an urgent appeal to ask for your help!

We need your help to give Carlos his second chance at life.