All Dogs Matter | Covid-19 Appeal
All Dogs Matter

Our dogs need your urgent help more than ever.

We have worked tirelessly throughout the Coronavirus crisis to rescue and rehome unwanted and abandoned dogs however we are facing a serious shortfall in funding.

In 2020 our vets bill was £48,794, a 39% increase on the previous year. As we are increasingly taking in more older dogs and dogs with medical issues, we only expect this figure to rise. We need your help to continue saving the lives of dogs in need.

Please start a monthly gift now to help us carry on this vital work.


Dogs in crisis

Edgar's story

Heartbreakingly, Edgar, an elderly Staffie came to us after being cruelly pushed out of a car and left to fend for himself. A kind passerby saw what happened and took Edgar to a local vet and that’s when we stepped in. We took Edgar for veterinary treatment before placing him a loving foster home. It wasn’t long before he stole the heart of his new owner, a London cab  driver, who adores this gorgeous boy and loves having him by his side when he’s on the road.




Morag's story

Morag came into our care after she was exploited for breeding and then cruelly dumped. As there is a huge demand for French Bulldog puppies, this sweet girl was used to produce litters and, after she had served her purpose to unscrupulous breeders, she was discarded like rubbish. Morag was found wandering the streets suffering from painful mastitis and requiring urgent medical treatment. Morag is now in a loving foster home and will be on life long medical treatment for the trauma she has endured.


Your monthly gift could help with

Providing expert care to vulnerable dogs

Rising veterinary costs, particularly for older dogs and dogs with medical issues coming into our care

Neutering our dogs so they can’t be exploited for breeding

Making up a serious shortfall in funding that we face