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Meet lovely Luna, a 7 month old Labrador cross Staffie who is looking for a new home following her owners change in circumstances. Luna is a friendly girl, she is still young and hasn’t had much training yet, so is lo0oking for an experienced owner who is willing to work through those initial puppy months. …


Meet Sophia, a beautiful 7 month old Whippet cross Lurcher looking for a new home following her owner’s change in circumstances. Sophia is a friendly girl who enjoys running around, playing and affection. As she is an active breed, Sophia would like a new owner who has had dogs before and who can give her…


Meet Buddy, a 7 month old Lurcher looking for a new home  after a change in his owner’s circumstances. Buddy is a great dog who enjoys going on long country walks and being in the company of other dogs. Buddy would benefit from further socialisation in his new home so is looking for a patient…


Buddy has now been rehomed.  


Rex has now been rehomed.