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The Story of Bunny

Bunny arrived at the pound a bald, smelly, absurdly skinny and quite unwell little lady, who had clearly been bred from before being callously abandoned. She was always an exquisite character and immediately made friends with the nice people at the pound. They worried about her a lot and called All Dogs Matter to see if they had a spot for her, and luckily they did! With us!

We went to meet Bunny, and we fell in love with her instantly, she was so sweet and gentle. It broke our hearts and boggled our minds to see the poor physical state she was in yet also the love that she oozed out constantly. A human/humans had been so unkind to her, yet she had nothing but affection for us. Bunny came home on foster that day.

Bunny got off to a shakey start, she was in such poor physical condition that it was hard to determine her age and she had a series of health issues including a heart murmur and problems with her liver. We started treating her various ailments at the wonderful Arc Veterinary Centre and bar a couple of bumps along the road she slowly crawled closer and closer towards being a healthy dog. Her skin condition was improving and her hair started to grow back as her sores healed, she loved food but struggled to gain weight.

She was in her element here, surrounded by dogs but stealing all focus. Bunny was always a cheeky and playful character, regardless of how poorly she felt and gave us her trademark persistent stink eye and head nudge if we weren’t adoring her adequately at any one time.

Bunnys body was tired, her life had been hard up until we met. The nice people at the vets got to know Bunny and naturally, fell for her as well. Everyone that surrounded her poured all their love on her, cheered her on when she was having a wobbly moment and had a laugh at her when she was acting like a donut.

Last night our Bunny went to sleep, surrounded by her best dog friends and a couple of her best human friends in her spot on the sofa. She dozed off a part of a family hug filled with such adoration for her. She had a rough life and we can never know what horrors she saw but we know that she spent her time with us feeling loved, welcome and home.

We’ll never forget her.

Bunny is why you should all think about fostering. Seriously think about it. Bunny had a home with us, even if it was for only a little while. She knew that.

Things like this don’t happen all the time, it’s not fun or nice, but the happiness we feel knowing we were lucky enough to know Bunny, to appreciate her awesome personality and give her a chance makes it all worth the heartbreak.

Thank you all for rooting for her, she’s at peace now and isn’t hurting anymore 

Staffie Cross
2 years
Can live with children over 10
Rainbow Bridge

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