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Tory is a dog that was rescued by HSI from a meat farm in South Korea. She arrived to us pregnant and gave birth to 3 puppies. She is now looking for a new forever home.

Tory was born in a meat farm and has never lived in a home before, so is looking for an experienced owner who has the patience and understanding to work with her. She is currently in kennels and is familiar with the people who see her daily. She can’t walk on a lead, so will need some time to potter around her new home and garden to get comfortable in her new surroundings.

Tory will need direct access to a garden in her new home and is looking for a semi-rural or rural home. She is quite fearful of loud noises and cars so would prefer a quiet home.

We believe Tory would enjoy living with another calm dog and it would probably help her learn to live in a home. She can also live with dog-savvy children aged 12 plus.

Shiba Inu Cross
18 months
Can live with children over 12, Cannot live with cats, Could possibly live with a calm male dog

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