All Dogs Matter | Fostering Questionnaire
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All Dogs Matter fostering questionnaire

    Do you have any other pets at home?:

    What kind of dog are you happy to foster? Please tick applicable:

    What type of accommodation do you live in?:

    If you have a garden, is it secure?:

    Do you have fencing?:

    What is the maximum length of time the dog would regularly be left alone for during the day?:

    Do you have a full clean driving license?:

    Do you have transport available to collect a dog and how far can you travel?:

    Are you prepared to contact All Dog Matters representatives in the event of problems and to accept & act on their advice?

    Many problems can arise during your fostering period which often cannot be foreseen by either ourselves or you. We need to understand that you will contact your foster helper in order to solve the problem whilst it is still manageable and not wait until you feel you cannot continue to foster the dog. We must trust that you are prepared to commit 100% to ensuring the dog is safe and settled with you and that you will try your very hardest to keep it and help it through its settling in period.

    As you have looked after the dog, we may ask your opinion on prospective owners. However the final rehoming decisions are down to All Dogs Matter.

    Do you agree to those conditions?