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Holly’s Story

Meet Holly, a loving Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who was sadly found abandoned, wandering the streets alone. She was collected by the dog warden and brought to us for rehoming. From the tragically poor state of her health, we believe she was repeatedly exploited for breeding and then left stranded when she was no longer able to produce any more litters.

Once in our care, Holly was taken to the vet as an emergency case, where we realised the sad extent of her health issues. Holly is deaf, blind, has painful ear infections in both ears, decayed teeth, and large mammary tumours on her teats that could possibly be cancerous – we are still assessing this. She has been trimmed so short that it has grazed her skin and left her with painful scabs over her body. She is believed to be between the ages of 10 and 15. Despite her medical issues, Holly is a happy and spritely girl who wags her tail constantly. Although she cannot see or hear, she clearly loves the company of people and always looks for affection.

Holly's tumours on her teets

Holly’s tumours on her teets


Unfortunately, had she have seen veterinary care years before being abandoned, or come into a rescue for rehoming in the first instance, the sad neglect Holly has endured could have been avoided. Holly is now in a loving foster home and continues to receive medication to help her heal from her ordeal. Once she is ready for rehoming, Holly will be looking for a quiet forever home.


Holly has responded really well to initial treatment, and will soon be having surgery to remove her tumours. The great news is that Holly has found her loving forever home, where she will get all the love and affection she deserves! Thank you so much to everyone who’s donated to hers and other dogs like her care!


Could you help us help Holly and other dogs like her get the love and care they deserve? Donate online here. Thank you. 

Ira, ADM's founder, with Holly

Ira, ADM’s founder, with Holly