All Dogs Matter | Hugo’s story
All Dogs Matter

Hugo’s story

Hugo, a 5-year-old French Bulldog, came into us from China, where he was rescued from the barbaric meat trade. Since 2019 we have taken in a number of dogs destined for the slaughterhouse and given them a second start in life with adopters in the UK. Often when meat trade dogs come to us, they can be nervous and confused, but after time and care they make wonderful pets.

Fortunately for Hugo he was adopted by Becki who says: “Hugo gets so much attention from everyone, everybody loves him! He gets called piglet a lot because of his tremendously loud snorts and snores but he seems to have settled in and is a very energetic and happy boy, when he is not sleeping in his bed or snuggled up on the sofa.” In 2022, we hope to save more lives from this cruel trade and ensure dogs like Hugo get the forever homes they deserve.