All Dogs Matter | Izzy’s story
All Dogs Matter

Izzy’s story

Gorgeous Izzy, a 9-year-old Blue Staffie was picked up as a stray after being exploited for breeding and then cruelly dumped. We believe she was continually used for breeding into her senior years because of her desirable colour and her pups sold on for profit with no regard for her welfare.

As Izzy was suffering from mastitis, with drooping lactating teats, she required urgent medical treatment and was treated by our vet, then placed in a foster home for lots of TLC.

Today, this loving, affectionate girl is thriving in her new forever home. Her new owner says: “Izzy is seriously a match made in heaven for us. My husband has fallen in love and I think my ranking has dropped by a few points.”

Have a wonderful life, Izzy!