All Dogs Matter | Juno’s story
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Juno’s story

Juno, a 6 year old Wheaten Terrier, was found abandoned in a London wood by one of our volunteers. She was in a terrible state, with a painful ear infection oozing black discharge, matted fur, a urinary infection and she appeared to have been used for breeding.  Sadly, we are seeing more ‘designer breeds’ being dumped – rather than being handed over to rescue centres – after producing multiple litters.

Juno when she arrived at All Dogs Matter

Juno’s ear infection and matted hair

Juno now

Poor Juno required urgent veterinary treatment for her infections and her fur needed to be shaved because it was so matted.

Juno enjoying life again in her foster home

This beautiful girl is now recovering from her ordeal in a loving foster home with lots of cuddles and walks.