All Dogs Matter | Our statement on Nennella
All Dogs Matter

Our statement on Nennella

All Dogs Matter is a long-established well renowned rescue centre that works tirelessly with local councils to safely rehome stray and unwanted dogs saving them from often having to be put to sleep.

Owners are responsible for ensuring that their dogs do not stray and have a legal requirement to microchip their dog and ensure it wears a collar with a tag identifying the owner. In that way anyone finding a stray can contact the owner.

Dealing with stray dogs is regulated by law and local councils have for over 30 years been responsible for them. Where a council takes in a stray dog, they must first and foremost contact the registered owner if there is one and send out a section 149 notice to the registered address. If the dog is microchipped the dog can be returned to its legal owner but when there is no way of contacting a dog’s owner and that owner does not come forward after seven days the council is at liberty to pass the dog on to a contracted rescue centre where they will find them a new home.

In Nennella’s case she was picked up as a stray by Harringay Council. She was not wearing a collar or an ID tag and was not microchipped. After seven days Nennella was passed to our charity for rehoming. She remained on our website and in our care for a number of weeks before we matched her with a suitable forever home.

We have been made aware that a group wants to challenge the law that applies to strays, after raising significant funds, and has arbitrarily chosen Nennella’s rehoming as a test case resulting in All Dogs Matter now possibly facing being joined in a court case despite having acted completely legally. Our solicitors have been in touch with Harringay Council’s legal team who have also confirmed that they are satisfied that Nennella’s case has been handled correctly and in line with legislation. Being forced to defend totally accepted rehoming practice, we will have to use limited funds to deal with this case which could otherwise be used saving and improving dogs’ lives.

We are concerned that supporters of this campaign have made inappropriate, misleading and derogatory remarks about All Dogs Matter including insults and threats. Our volunteers and staff have a right to work safely without being subjected to this offensive behaviour. All appropriate action will be taken against anyone who behaves in this way, hindering our humane and important work saving dogs’ lives.

We urge the public to always microchip their dogs, tag them and keep their details up to date to ensure that if their dog goes missing they can be much more easily located and reunited.