All Dogs Matter | Queenie’s Story
All Dogs Matter

Queenie’s Story

You may remember Sunny, previously called Queenie, who arrived with us in February of this year. She was a wonderful dog, but was a big bouncy puppy, and we really struggled to find her a home.

She spent almost five months at kennels, where she was very loved by the staff. Even though she made great progress, she still couldn’t find the home she needed. Sunny needed an experienced home with no kids or other dogs, where she could continue her training and socialisation. We wanted to set her up for success.

Someone came forward to foster Sunny, and Daniel took her into his home and welcomed her into his family. Sunny continued to to make great strides, but interest in her dropped. Often Bull Breeds are harder to rehome than others, as people have preconceptions about them.

Daniel had Sunny for five months. No one was applying. We changed her photos, her profile, and shared her on social media. Then, a few weeks ago, something very exciting happened. Alan filled in an application to adopt Sunny.

Sunny has now been in her new home with Alan for over two weeks.  The paperwork is signed, and all of our festive wishes have come true. Sunny has a forever home!

We could not be happier for our longest ever resident. Congrats Sunny