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All Dogs Matter’s rehoming process

If you would like to rehome one of our dogs, please follow these steps.

Step 1

Find a dog and register your interest

Visit our dog rehoming page (link to page) to view profiles of dogs that are looking for homes. Here you will find key details about them, including age, breed, temperament and whether they can live with other dogs, cats or children. When you have found a dog that fits your requirements please complete our rehoming questionnaire (link to document).



When we have your details, our team will assess your requirements and aim to match you with the right dog. Each dog is assessed when they come to All Dogs Matter to find out what they are like and what sort of home, lifestyle and environment would be the most suitable for them. This includes whether they would be suitable to be rehomed with other dogs, cats and children.

It may be that you don’t get the perfect match the first time, however we will work with you to ensure you find the right dog for you.


If there is a good fit between you and the dog, we will then set up a meeting for you at our kennels or directly with the foster carer. If you have any other dogs or family members, you may need to bring them along for a further visit to ensure everyone is happy with the decision.



Once your dog is rehomed with you we will continue to support you where possible and give you a phone call to find out how everything is going. We are also on hand to give advice in the future should you need this and we will always offer to take the dog back if fir whatever reason it doesn’t work out.


Our standard adoption fee is between £150 and £220. The price varies because some dogs will be most costly to care for than others. For example, a female dog costs more to be neutered than a male dog, and a dog may come in with a skin condition or ear infection that needs to be treated. It also depends on the age and breed of the dog. The fee covers initial vaccinations, microchipping, neutering and four weeks insurance with Petplan.

Ready to adopt an ADM dog? Here are some key things to consider before you decide

  • Adopting an animal is a serious, life-changing step that you should consider carefully. Caring for an animal demands time, money and commitment – is this the right decision for you?
    It is a decision that could transform your life for the next twenty years. There is the initial adoption fee, of course, but you must also take into account all the following costs: food and grooming, veterinary bills, sitter/kennel fees and insurance.If you work full time, do not get a dog unless you can either afford a dog-walker or make time for the dog in your schedule. Dogs are intelligent pack animals, they need to interact with you.
  • Do not forget that you are your dog’s companion just as much as (s)he is yours. The dog will need walking everyday come rain or shine, and taking out at regular intervals. You will have to make trips to the vet and of course work on socialisation and interaction with other dogs and people. Training should be enjoyed by the whole family, and everybody should be committed to taking responsibility for the dog.