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All Dogs Matter rehoming questionnaire

Think you’re ready to adopt? 

It is a decision that could transform your life for the next twenty years. There is the initial adoption fee, of course, but you must also take into account all the following costs: food and grooming, veterinary bills, sitter/kennel fees and insurance. If you work full time, do not get a dog unless you can either afford a dog-walker or make time for the dog in your schedule. Dogs are intelligent pack animals, they need to interact with you.

Data sharing

All Dogs Matter will not exchange or sell your personal information to another organisation for its own marketing purposes.

However, there are some situations where we may have to share your personal information with other organisations.  An example could be sharing your details to reunite you with a lost animal via a Local Authority Dog Warden, or to update microchipping databases. In some cases, we may have to share data about you when requested to do so by statutory agencies, such as the police.

In these situations, the relationship between All Dogs Matter and the third-party data processor will be governed by a contract and strict security requirements will be in place to protect your personal information.



    Are you interested in one of our dogs in particular?

    If not, what type of dog are you interested in? (required)

    If so, have you met (an)other dog(s) you would be interested in rehoming or are you due to meet one soon?

    Have you already adopted a pet from a rescue?

    About you & your Household

    Do you own your own home or is it rented?

    If rented, do you have or can you get a written agreement stating that pets are allowed? (We will need to see it)

    Do you have a garden?

    Is it private or shared?

    Is it securely fenced in?

    About your pets & your New dog

    Our adoption fee is between £200 and £300 – depending on age, breed and the veterinary treatment needed. The fee for our international dogs is up to £750 to help cover the costs of their flights.

    Our dogs are microchipped, vaccinated and neutered and undergo a basic health check at our vet’s.

    We will need to homecheck you before you adopt a dog from us.