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Meet Leo, an incredibly handsome 1-year-old Husky Cross who came to us after his owners change in circumstances.   Leo seems to be a sweet boy. He will need a house in a semi-rural area, with direct access to a garden. We are looking for  a new home with experience of working breeds. Leo will…


Meet Lexy, a 5 year old Frenchie who is now looking for a new home following her owners change in circumstances. Lexy is a looking for a home with an owner with experience of Frenchies or other bull breeds as she has some behavioural issues. Although she is ok when out and about, she can…


Bear has now been rehomed.  


Please read Lenny’s profile carefully before applying. Meet Lenny, a 3 year old Shi Tzu cross who is now looking for a new home after sadly being found as a stray. Lenny is a great little dog, who deserves to find a loving owner to give him all the walks and cuddles he wants! Lenny…


Holly has been rehomed.  


Nala has been rehomed.      


Zowie has been rehomed.


Coco has now been rehomed.


Kody has now been rehomed.  


Meet Gino, an adorable 12 year old Chihuahua who came in to us after sadly being found as a stray. Gino is a sweet little thing, who is coming out of his shell more and more every day. Despite his age, he is a spritely chap who loves walks and affection. He would prefer to…


Slinky has now been rehomed.


Matilda has now been rehomed.  


Alex has now been rehomed.  


Meet Bailey, a sweet 2 year old male French Bulldog looking for a new home following a change in his owner’s circumstances. Bailey is a real character, full of energy and fun. He enjoys playing, affection and although he is good with other dog when out and about, he is too high energy to live…


Meet Wellington, a handsome 2 year old male Beagle looking for a new home after sadly being picked up as a stray. This inquisitive, playful boy is very typical of the breed and is looking for an active home with an owner who has owned Beagles (or similar breeds) before and can give him between…


Ozzy has now been rehomed.


Meet Titi, a lovely 3 year old male Jack Russell Terrier looking for a new home after sadly being picked up as a stray. Titi is a great all-rounder who is good with other dogs and people though would prefer to be the only dog in the home. He knows basic commands, loves to play…


Meet Peanut, a sweet 13 year old female Jack Russell Terrier who is looking for a new home following her owner’s change in circumstances. This lovely golden oldie is fine with other dogs when out and about and is looking for a peaceful retirement home with an owner who is around for most of the…


Selly has now been rehomed.


Henry has now been rehomed.


Please read Rio’s profile carefully before making an application Meet Rio, an approx 11 month old male Spitz looking for a new home following a change in his owner’s circumstances. Rio has some fear aggression and can be nervous when he meets new people, though with time and patience, he has the potential to make…


Ellie has now been rehomed.  


Paddy has now been rehomed.


Meet Bella, an 8-year-old female Shar-Pei, who’s looking for a new home after a change in her owner’s circumstances. Bella is a sweet girl, with typical tendencies of the Shar-Pei breed, so therefore we are looking for someone who has owned or researched the breed already and understands they can be shy around new people.…


Carlos has now been rehomed.  


Rex has now been rehomed.


Libby has now been rehomed.


April has been rehomed.  


Nora has now been rehomed.  


Olive has now been rehomed.  


Terry has been rehomed.

Sasha and Kai

Sasha and Kai have been rehomed.


Storm has been rehomed


Buddy has been rehomed