All Dogs Matter | Sue Perkins meets Gracie and Ginger
All Dogs Matter

Sue Perkins meets Gracie and Ginger

When Sue met Ginger and Gracie! ❤️

So many lovely people and dogs have dropped by to see us at our pop shop and today is no different!

Our wonderful friend @realsueperkins came by and met Ginger and Gracie, a pair of gorgeous ex racer Greyhounds that we rehomed a few years ago and are now living his best life in their adoptive home. 🏡



Ginger and Gracie like many other ex racers had waited a long time after being retired to find their forever home. This majestic breed makes a great first time dog as they are generally affectionate, gentle and after a good walk, love snoozing for the rest of the day! We have three Greyhounds in our care who are looking for their perfect match. Could it be you? Check our website for their profiles to find out. Link in bio.

If you have a Greyhound or love the breed, please say hi in the comments! Let’s celebrate this amazing breed. 🙌

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