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All Dogs Matter


Do you love dogs and want to help raise money for All Dogs Matter? Then we would love your support as a Mini Paws fundraiser!

We’ve shared 10 fun ways – listed below – that you can get involved in fundraising for us, whether that’s on your own or with friends or family. From hosting a dog themed cinema night, to getting creative through an art challenge to showing off your cooking skills in a baking challenge, there is something for everyone.

Raise £100 or more for us as a Mini Paws fundraiser and you will receive a special t-shirt, ADM teddy bear, and certificate from us to say thank you.

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Want to get involved and help us save dogs in need? Get in touch today – 0208 341 3196 /


Mini Paws Ideas!

Host a dog themed quiz and ask friends and family to pay an entry fee.
Ask friends and family to draw, paint, doodle, etc the dog they would like to adopt. Charge a fee to enter the competition. Winner gets a doggy themed prize.
Ask people for donations instead of a gift. You can set this up on Facebook, or if you don’t have an account then ask your family and friends to donate to a bank account or through a cash collection box
Why not host your very own cinema night with a dog themed film, for example, Lady and the Tramp or 101 Dalmatians and ask friends and family to donate an entry fee. Maybe even throw in snacks too!
Ask your school to hold a non-uniform day to raise money for ADM. Ask pupils to bring in £1 to take part.
Ask friends to join you in helping to dog themed cakes, set up a stand and sell slices for £1 each.
How long could you go without chocolate or crisps? Ask family and friends to sponsor you to give something up for a day, a week, or a month!
Put together a treasure hunt with dog themed clues, split into pairs or a team. Set a suggested donation amount for entering.
Do a sponsored walk, run, swim, or any type of physical activity to raise money for All Dogs Matter. Set a distance target over a day, week or month and ask friends and family to support you to reach your goal.
Ask your school friend to donate in return for getting to launch soapy sponges at teachers. Best done on a sunny day!


Gwen, one of our team mini paws wrote a brilliant review of Moon Dog written by Jane Elson, a friend of All Dogs Matter!

Moon Dog is available here.


I would recommend this book to 8-12 year olds. If I had to describe this in three words Mystery, Realistic and Suspense. I found this book amazing and moving, it drew me in straight from the start. The characters are well thought out each of them have a family member missing and the children have the desire for a dog. Every night Marcus finds this mysterious dog in next doors garden and calls it Moon Dog. He suspects that something suspicious is happening. Tensions rise between Delilah and Marcus. Can they solve the mystery in time? The dedication at back to All Dogs Matter was well deserved.