All Dogs Matter | The Great Hampstead Bark Off 2023
All Dogs Matter

The Great Hampstead Bark Off 2023

Thank you to the brilliant Phil ‘The Pet Shooter,’ our Bark Off photographer.


It takes a Village

Most of you know that we’re a really small team. We take great pride in the work we do for our dogs, but we couldn’t do it without the support from our supporters and volunteers.

Bark Off would not have been possible without each and every one of you who joined us yesterday.

Nicky is our lead volunteer. She is at every single ADM event, come rain or shine. She knows our events as well as we do, and that experience is invaluable. Nicky is also the owner of Jackson, one of the most beautiful and waggiest staffies we have ever met.

Jo runs plant based dog food company Hownd (our dogs love them and we’re sure yours will too!). Not only did she donate her incredible products for our goodie bags, but gave up her Sunday to help us at the event.

Oonagh adopted Shadow, an Alaskan Malamute 2 years ago, and pearl, a little Frenchie, a year later – you might have met them at the ADM merch stand, or heard Shadow singing along to the music. If you come to lots of events, you’ll most likely recognise Oonagh and her pack!

John is also an ADM adopter, and volunteer extroirdanaire. His dog Tess, can be a little grumpy, so she doesn’t come to events, but John is always happy to help – even without Tess in tow.

We had a couple of new volunteers too – Jason and Jim. Jim was roped into helping by his partner who works at the ADM office, but did so without complaint, and is looking forward to his next event. John found out about Bark Off online, and volunteered to come and help us at registration. New volunteers are always welcome – you make all the difference!

You may also have seen Jason, who previously worked at out kennels, and now does home checks, transport, and assessments for us. On top of everything he does for us, he gave up his Sunday to help setting up and marshalling along with his ADM foster Rocco, the sweet black and white Frenchie.

Those familiar with our events probably know Wendy – Our Trustee/Volunteer/sales woman superhero. Wendy donates so much of her time and expertise to ADM, and we definitely wouldn’t be the charity we are without her.

Phil, in the ring, is Ira’s husband. The best compere in the business, Phil always brings the energy and fun to the events. It was Phil’s birthday on Saturday, and yet he was still on Hampstead heath at the crack of dawn! That’s dedication! Joining Phil was DJ, Costas. He provides our music and keeps the party going!

Alongside all of these incredible volunteers, we had our stalls: Sarah J Dwyer, Francesca Sharkey, My Treat Caddy, By Benji, Dog and Bond, MuthaPuppa, Brat Bros, The Crepe Lab, Fireheart Coffee, Cherish Studios, Saxby Dog Clothing, Butternut Box, fab and Wicked, Wuf Wuf and Animals Asia.

Our judges took time out of their busy schedules to lend us a hand – Peter Egan, Gail Porter, Liza Goddard, Jane Elson, Marc ‘The Vet’ Abraham, and Michelle Collins.

Our sponsor this year was Medivet Hendon, who provide the most amazing care for our dogs.

To everyone who was involved – thank you. We couldn’t do it without you!