All Dogs Matter | The reality for dogs that are given away or sold online
All Dogs Matter

The reality for dogs that are given away or sold online

Meet Byson, a Tibetan Mastiff, who was picked up as a stray after being sold online by his original owner. Sadly, we have seen that during lockdown owners aren’t taking their dogs to charities, but are instead selling or giving their dogs away online without considering the consequences. Furthermore, we have noticed an increase in dogs that are coming into charities have already been sold multiple times privately and are arriving with terrible physical and/or mental conditions. This comes at an increasingly high cost to charities, as we are regularly paying thousands of pounds to save and care for these dogs before they are rehomed. Also, there is an added stress to staff having to nurse the dogs back from trauma. Byson is now being treated for mange, eye infection, and generally poor health. He is also very shut down, so we are giving him lots of love and cuddles.

The Tibetan Mastiff is a rare breed and was originally bred to care for livestock. We are therefore looking for an owner with land or large outdoor space, as we don’t think he has ever lived indoors (due to the condition he came in). This gentle giant is a loving boy, however, this breed does have quite specific needs, so please read up on Tibetan Mastiff’s before you apply. Byson has now found an amazing home and is on reserve.

We urge the public to hand their dogs into rescue rather than sell them online, otherwise they may end up like poor Byson, alone and neglected. Unfortunately, this is the reality that rescues are facing more than ever since COVID-19, as prices are ridiculously high for puppies and dogs online. If you have a puppy or a dog that you need to rehome we urge you to hand them over to a rescue centre where they can have the appropriate health checks and be expertly matched with a suitable new home. Please do not rehome your dogs online.