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All Dogs Matter


We are saddened by the increasing number of dogs arriving in our care after being sold online multiple times. This worrying trend means that often puppies and dogs with medical or behavioural problems are passed on to unsuspecting new owners who in turn resell these dogs on compounding their issue, or they are at risk of being exploited. As a rescue charity we are often left to pick up the pieces, funding life-saving treatment and care for dogs caught in this destructive cycle.

Meet Shadow, a beautiful 6-year-old male Husky who came to us after being sold online for the fourth and final time. We are thankful that sweet Shadow came to us before developing significant behavioural issues and that he is now in a loving forever home getting lots of TLC.

However, tragically, Shadow’s story is just one of many dogs being caught up in the lucrative online dog and puppy trade, where these poor animals are often treated as commodities and not sentient beings. Therefore, we are urging anyone with an unwanted dog or puppy to hand them over to a rescue centre where they can have the appropriate health checks and be expertly matched with a suitable new home. Please don’t rehome your dogs online. #ThinkRescue #Pets BeforeProfit